Louise Bourne

Louise Bourne

Counselling and Coaching

Bunbury, Busselton, South West WA.

Interactive, Individual and Couples Counselling in the South West, WA - Bunbury, Busselton and Beyond.

Authentic, Wholehearted Living is Totally Possible, and It's a Practice That's Well Worth Investing In...

Counselling. Life Coaching. Astrology.

Bunbury, Capel, Busselton. South West WA.

Couples Therapy Bunbury, Busselton and South West WA

Couples Counselling - Bunbury and Busselton

Relationship counselling or therapy provides a confidential and supportive space for you and your partner to explore and resolve relationship issues, building a stronger, more fulfilling partnership. Online and in-person sessions available.

counselling and life coaching in Bunbury, Busselton and South West WA

Personal Counselling or Life Coaching - Bunbury and Busselton

Interactive Counselling and coaching offers easily understood techniques tailored to your needs, helping you gain confidence and develop skills to navigate life's challenges. Online and in-person sessions available.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling Bunbury, Busselton and South West WA

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselling- Bunbury and Busselton

Drug and alcohol counselling services offer compassionate support and effective strategies for overcoming addiction, creating a path toward lasting recovery and well-being. Online and in-person sessions available.

How Can I Help You?

Hi, I'm Louise. Welcome to the 'Talk Room'.

We all get thrown around from time to time, by our emotions, by the sudden, the unexpected, or any number of situations, over which we may have little or no control.

Are you stuck in destructive behaviors or habits, have anxieties holding you back? Do you want to improve challenging or difficult relationships?

I invite you to sit with me and explore this creative approach toward resolving issues and embracing self-discovery.

I provide holistic counselling, life coaching, couples counselling, and drug and alcohol addiction counselling, as well as astrology services for clients in Bunbury, Busselton and the surrounding South West ( and for those further away! ).

No matter what your current situation, gaining clarity in the midst of confusion and creating a bit of breathing space for yourself can really set the stage for better things

Louise Bourne professional couples therapy counsellor Bunbury and Busselton South West WA
holistic counselling and life coaching Bunbury, capel, Busselton and South West WA

Why Choose to Work With Me?

Dealing with difficult situations does not have to bring you undone, nor do you need to soldier on, struggling, or feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life while pretending to be OK.

How about living a perfectly good life, with the strength and confidence to navigate well, no matter what the situation, whilst being true to yourself?

Interactive Counselling with me, Louise, gives you the opportunity to discover and cultivate for yourself simple skills to expand your vision and turn what seem like problems into potential, or even into gifts, all in the presence of a confidential, friendly, and professional practitioner.

Let's Find Out If We Are a Good Fit Together

Get In Touch

I offer face-to-face, email, and live-call consultations for individuals and couples in Bunbury, Busselton and Surrounds.

You can get in touch directly to find out more or request a booking. My approach integrates extensive experience in counselling and life coaching to help you navigate life’s challenges and enhance the quality of your life.

If you’re in Bunbury, Busselton or surrounds, Click here to book an obligation-free initial 15-minute phone consultation.

Interested in Astrology?

Discover your unique strengths and challenges with my interactive astrological counseling, where exploring your astrological chart can enhance your confidence, relationships, and overall life quality. Contact me for a personalized 1:1 astrology session that integrates my deep passion and expertise in astrology with counselling and coaching.

Bunbury and Busselton astrology counselling and therapy.

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