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The Talk Room;




with Louise 

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Welcome to the Talk Room

Louise Bourne 

is a Personal Counsellor, Life Coach 

and Full Member of ACCA

You can read more about Louise here;


this page is for, and about, YOU. 

These are challenging times 

we're in, right? 

No one knows what's next, 

feelings of uncertainty alone, 

are enough of a challenge for many of us.

Add to this the up's and downs of daily life,

the desire for healthy, wholesome relationships,

the complexities of making a living 

and the basic human need to find contentment 

and/or satisfaction along the way.

Stress is, for many folks, 

seemingly a 'normal byproduct,' 

of living in these current times,

where just taking care of yourself 

and getting through, one day at a time, 

may feel like too much some days.

Gaining confidence and the discipline needed 

to move in the direction 

that you know is right for you, 

requires courage:

benefit from the guidance and support 

of an experienced coach and mentor;

The Talk Room provides a confidential, 

comfortable space where you get to explore 

what feels and looks right for you, 

in the presence of a qualified professional, 

who genuinely cares.

It takes strength to live your integrity. 

Like the frog, brought slowly up to the boil, 

we can grow to feel safe or secure 

in situations that stifle or trap us, 

yet we fear making change, 

or we simply don't know how.

Free Yourself;

We can feel deeply affected by the opinions 

or choices of others, 

crushed by what somebody says, 

devastated when someone leaves, 

or exhausted from trying to change 

what we simply have no power to change. 

Add a pandemic into the mix 

and it is easy to see how important it is 

to have a good practice of self care in place.

Professional counselling 

can and does help, many people, 

dealing with all sorts of life situations can help you too.

it's evident that having someone to talk to, 

who can also offer genuine assistance along the way,

is hugely beneficial to one's heath and well being...

and, once You Know Yourself

how to navigate through life's worst,

you develop the muscle and the genuine confidence 

to move forward and enjoy life's best.

Counselling and Coaching with Louise 

@ The Talk Room 

Up Grade Your Life & Relationship Skills 

Arrive With Challenges / Leave With Confidence

Currently offering phone sessions, please ask. 

There's a Click To Call somewhere on this page.. 


With many years experience the helping professions 

Louise is a full member of ACCA 

and has;

Diploma Professional Counselling 

Diploma Life Coaching

Diploma I Ching 

Diploma Psychotropic Plants

Freedom from stress, 

worry, anxiety,

better habits, 

better relationships,

all totally possible.

See you in The Talk Room. 

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This Website Is Undergoing Changes, 

The Online Store Will Be Up And Running In Due Course

Please Be Patient & Meanwhile,

Consultations, Counselling

Are Available By Appointment

You Can Also Visit Louise @

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