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A Little Bird 

Told Me...

Interactive Readings,

Counselling And Other Insights

with Louise...

Interactive Readings, 


Plus Professional Counselling 

All In The One Place

Be Inspired by Something Fresh  

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GREETINGS and welcome.

my name is Louise Bourne

and you can read more about me here;


...however, this page is not about me, 

it's about YOU.

These are especially challenging times, 

more so for some, whilst for others there's relief,

as certain pressures are lifted, at least for the time being. 

No one knows what's next, and uncertainty, 

love it or hate it, is a current traveling companion. 

Nothing is certain and, with or without the pandemic, 

we are wise to learn how to navigate well, 

and especially so in times like these.

We can grow to feel safe or secure 

in situations that actually trap us, 

yet fear making change or simply not know how.

We can feel deeply affected by the opinions 

or choices of others, crushed by what somebody says, 

devastated when someone leaves, or exhausted

from trying to change what we simply have no power to change. 

Add a pandemic into the mix and we come to see 

how important it is to have good self care in place.

Knowing how to navigate through trickier times means 

we need never be overwhelmed by our emotions, our circumstances, 

or other people's judgement of us, ever again. 

"I am continually amazed at the relief, the release and at the profound change that simply questioning our thoughts and assumptions can bring."  


Try something fresh, freeing and tremendously insightful.

A Little Bird Told Me  

Counselling and Coaching with Louise; 

phone sessions available, as per cv19 

into our time together

Choose from:

* Interactive Counselling and Coaching 

* Tarot in Counselling

* Astrology in Counselling


As well as many years experience in both the helping professions 

and divination practices, Louise is a full member of ACCA and has;

Diploma Professional Counselling 

Diploma Life Coaching

Diploma I Ching 

Diploma Psychotropic Plants

Weave some magic into your life and try Something Fresh...

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This Website Is Undergoing Changes, 

The Online Store Will Be Up And Running In Due Course

Please Be Patient & Meanwhile,

Consultations, Counselling & Readings

Are Available For You By Appointment

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