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GREETINGS and welcome to this page. 

Something has brought you here, and understandably so, 

these are interesting times, especially challenging for some,  

whilst for others, there's a sense of relief, 

as certain pressures and stresses are lifted, at least for the time being. 

No one knows what's next, and uncertainty, love it or hate it, 

seems to be looming larger than it did in the dream of not so long ago. 

Nothing is certain and nothing lasts, not forever,

change is a constant traveling companion for us all,

with or without the pandemic, and one we are wise to learn 

how to navigate well, especially in times like this, 

where there are increased levels of stress all around us.

We humans can begin to feel safe in situations 

that also trap us or deny us our freedom,

we can feel deeply affected by the opinions or choices of others, 

crushed by what somebody says, devastated when someone leaves 

or exhausted and burned out, from trying to change this world 

and it's inhabitants, in an effort to make things more pleasing for us. 

Add a pandemic to into the mix and we come to see 

how important it is to have a good self care practice in place.

Knowing how to navigate the territory means

we need never be overwhelmed by our emotions, 

our circumstances, or other people's judgement of us, ever again. 

Not to deny the human conditions we all experience, 

rather, to learn how to manage them, 

questioning what we have been thinking and assuming, 

and taking tip top, or at the very least, much better, care of ourselves.

A Variety Of Options In The One Place

Are you ready to examine, or step out of your particular trap, 

to transcend what's been holding you back, or keeping you sad,

explore unhelpful self talk, tendencies and behaviors

or if you simply want try something fresh, insightful and proven effective time and time again, for helping to improve the human condition . . .

A Little Bird Told Me that you could well be amazed 

by the shift even just a few sessions can make.

Counselling and Coaching with Louise; 

phone sessions available, as per cv19 

you can choose to incorporate the archetypal mysteries of the tarot and/or the wisdom of the ancient Chinese practice of I Ching 

into our time together, for their added insights depth and clarity . . .   

which can be of great help, along your journey.  

Choose from:

* Counselling / Coaching

* Tarot in Counselling

* I Ching in Counselling

Whether you are struggling to find clarity, 

want better communication skills

closer, more authentic relationships, 

better habits and practices, or the means to take real, 

descent and much better care of yourself, this could be for you.


As well as many years experience 

in both the helping professions and divination practices, 

Louise also has;

Diploma Professional Counselling (ACCA Full Member)

Diploma Life Coaching

Diploma I Ching 

Diploma Psychotropic Plants

Weave some magic into your life 

and try Something Fresh...

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